Who we are

XPSQUARED is a company committed to the promotion of wellness and performance enhancement. The applications are based on the findings of research related to psychoneuro-endocrinology (PNE). We are experts in understanding & measuring the interactions between neurochemistry, wellness and performance; XPS specialises in using this information to effectively maximize wellness and performance in the clinical, corporate and personal environments.

What we do

  • We provide insights, training and interventions about the links between mind, body and performance drawing on the scientific knowledge base of PNE in an effort to elucidate the effects of psychosocial factors on wellness and performance.
  • We advise and consult with corporate and professional clients on how to enhance performance, purpose and vitality of employees by quantitatively evaluating the interactions in mind-body chemistry. This is achieved through an initial validated, online assessment and by providing group interventions and personal consultations when required.

How we do it

  • We provide assessments, workshops, courses and supporting texts to individuals, professionals and corporate clients. 
  • Collaborate with strategic partners to create relevant and effective Interventions that enhance the chemistry of performance, purpose and vitality in individuals and groups.
  • Train professionals to quantitatively evaluate the chemistry of performance, purpose and vitality.
  • Research in the area of neuro-psychology and neuro-endocrinology that integrates traditional biomedical science with the psycho-social sciences and develop applications for the extended work and personal environments.  

Our Clients

  • We consult and provide workshops to corporate clients who aim to maximize their leadership potential and business performance.
  • We train medical and para-medical professionals to use Neurosomatics based tools and methods to supplement their practice.
  • We train accredited coaching professionals to use Neurosomatics based tools and methods to supplement and measure the impact of their interventions.
  • We evaluate and consult to the general public who wish to enhance wellness and performance.

Ian Weinberg

Ian Weinberg is a consultant neurosurgeon by profession. He is also a pioneer in the relatively new science of applied psychoneuro-endocrinology (PNE) which in effect is the enhancement of the physiology of wellness, performance and leadership through mind state optimization. In 1991 he developed the Triangles Model  - which served as the core program for all facilitation and intervention. In 1999 he developed the first of the PNE diagnostics and in 2010, developed the definitive Neurosomatics application.

Effectively Ian functions as a corporate physician - a specialist in the physiology of corporate wellness, performance and leadership. Through courses, workshops and diagnostic feedback he educates and empowers the corporate and its coaches.

Ian is consulted by clinical, corporate and private individuals in regard to the implementation of wellness and performance-enhancing strategies. He continues to make himself available for workshops and presentations and also facilitates accredited medical workshops for the medical and para-medical professions.

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Hanlie van Wyk

Hanlie van WykConsulting Research Psychologist & Neurosomatics Coach

Hanlie's interest in the interactions between the physical, psychological & noetic dimensions has recently culminated in the completion of her master’s dissertation.

Her fields of interest & expertise include wellness, Logotherapy, Psychoneuroimmunology (or psychoneuroendicrinology as it is now known) and social issues. She is a Diplomate in Logotherapy and a qualified meta-coach. She is also a managing partner of XPSQUARED who, together with neurosurgeon, Dr Ian Weinberg, have developed a scientific and meaning centred approach to improve immunity and health with the aim of optimising well-being and performance.
Hanlie has been involved in research for the UNODC, CoRMSA, USAID and the Victim Empowerment Programme. She is currently researching the nature and impact of Hate Crime and continues her work on purpose, hostility and vitality.

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